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DSM & Humboldt Simplifier DLX: Zero Watt Twin Channel analogue amp

A new "Zero Watt" Twin Channel guitar amp from DSM & Humboldt, the Simplifier DLX could be the perfect studio tool for guitarists

Based in Chile, DSM & Humboldt design and build analogue amps for guitarists that need to record and their Simplifier was a huge hit when it was released in 2019, getting rave reviews online. Now they are back with the new Simplifier DLX, which takes the design to another level.

Simplifier DLX

Essentially the new Simplifier DLX adds another amp channel, plus a stereo reverb and more extensive signal routing. Billed as a “Zero Watt” amplifier, it has no output power to say drive a cabinet, but is designed to work as a front end for your DAW, or you could potentially use it with an FRFR powered speaker system.

The new Simplifier DLX now with twin channels and stereo reverb

Twin Channel Amp

This twin channel amp, each with three amp voicings, can be configured individually, or as a two-channel amp, either in parallel or in full stereo, with each preamp assigned to left or right channel respectively.

Or you can run the Simplifier DLX as two separate amplifiers, enabling you to see it with two guitar at once.

Stereo Reverb

The Simplifier DLX adds a stereo reverb with three modes: Room, Ether and Plate, with a Mix control for each channel. The package comes with a dedicated 2-button footswitch that allows you to toggle each of the two channels, as well as turning the reverb effect on/off.

You also have a Spread control which is used for widening the stereo image or tackling issues with phase.

Overall, I’m very impressed with this new DLX version of the Simplifier, the routing possibilities are great and having two dedicated channels, is super useful

Simplifier DLX – The perfect studio tool?

The perfect studio tool?

It is like a Classic Sansamp on steroids and the sounds in the demo are all top notch. For the money you are getting a lot of value from this twin amp setup and it could be perfect for many studio owners, looking for a consistent guitar sound with zero latency issues. Plus, as it is hardware it avoids any potential software conflicts you may encounter with plugins!

Below is the full feature list of the Simplifier DLX and you can check out the video at the bottom of this article to hear it in action.

Feature List

  • Stereo TRS input
  • Stereo TRS thru outputs
  • 2 preamps with 3 amp types and 3 gain modes, each.
  • Preamps can be used as a 2-channel amp, or in parallel for full stereo signal chains.
  • Stereo FX loop, with stereo TRS send jack, and two independent return jacks.
  •   Stereo Reverb with 3 modes (Room, Ether and Plate) and mix for each channel.
  • Power amp simulation with presence, resonance, and tube type for each channel.
  • Cabinet simulation with cab type and mic placement for each channel.
  • Two Balanced DI outs with ground lift.
  • Powerful headphone amplifier with volume control and aux input.
  • External footswitch (included) for channel and reverb on/off, compatible with external TRS controllers.
  • Spread switch for widening the stereo imaging or correcting phase issues.

RRP – USD 449

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