Keeley Electronics Dank Side

Limited to only 50 Pieces for 2021, the new Keeley Electronics Dank Side takes you higher.

The new Keeley Electronics Dank Side is a limited Custom Shop run of only 50 pedals. Based on their popular Dark Side pedal this dank effect should take you higher.

Dank Side

 It comes in what Keeley describes as a “skunky funky matte green case and paired it with grandaddy purple knobs and a black / purple graphic to round out the look” and with only 50 units available worldwide, I reckon it will be sold out by the time you read this post!

Keeley’s recent Artist Series Celisse Monterey sold out pretty quickly and I can see this green and purple stompbox being pretty popular with pedal collectors as well.

Keeley Electronics Dank Side

Dark Side

Essentially, this limited edition paint job is still the classic Dark Side pedal at heart, Combining Fuzz, Delay and Modulation into one compact pedal.

Limited edition “skunky funky” matte green finish with purple knobs!

I own a regular edition myself and find it can be very useful, especially if you like David Gilmour Pink Floyd style guitar tones. If you haven’t heard one, I would suggest you check out the demo video below to hear one in action.

Keeley Dank Side

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