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Gibson Repair and Restoration Shop Nashville, Tennessee

Gibson's Repair & Restoration is now accepting instruments in need of attention at their in-house repair and restoration facility

Gibson has re-launched their Repair and Restoration shop which is based in Nashville, Tennessee. Services on offer include basic instrument setups, along with structural repairs, custom paint jobs and even guitar valuation.

Gibson Repair and Restoration Shop

The re-launched Gibson Repair and Restoration Shop is offering musicians the chance to have their vintage instruments bought back to life, with full re-frets and repair work being undertaken by the Gibson team.

Gibson’s Repair and Restoration could fix your vintage guitar

Not just Gibson branded

Gibson isn’t limiting the service to its instruments only. As it says in a statement: “We work with all types of guitar-like instruments from all brands.”  So you could as easily send on your vintage Fender ’57 Stratocaster for some work!

If you live in the US then shipping to them and back is free, which is a nice touch. The small Gibson team will then get to work on your instrument and get it back up and running, using all their accumulated years of knowledge.

The Services

Gibson Repair & Restoration is now accepting most brands of stringed instruments in need of attention at our in-house repair and restoration facility. Offering a staff of highly skilled and experienced luthiers in our state-of-the-art climate-controlled environment, Gibson is fully-equipped to perform any operations required in all phases of repair and restoration.

  • Pro Set Up – Acoustic or Electric
  • Fret Work – Fret dress to Plane & Refret
  • Structural Repairs – Body cracks, broken headstocks, Etc.
  • Neck Resets
  • Custom Paint
  • Total Restorations

If you have a repair issue, schedule a consultation, and Gibson Repair & Restoration will assist with honest, clear-cut solutions.

In the official video below you can see the team at work on various restorations and much needed repairs. They even have their own nitrocellulose spray booth for doing minor touch ups on vintage guitar finishes.

You can follow the link below to book in your favourite old vintage guitar, bass or acoustic for some much needed care and attention.

Gibson Repair & Restoration


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