Chase Bliss Audio FaderShield

Protect your Chase Bliss Audio Preamp MKII and CXM 1978 with a FaderShield. Keep those motorised faders intact and dust free.

Chase Bliss Audio has announced the new FaderShield, this add-on for their Automatone line of pedals is designed to keep your moving faders in tip top shape!

Chase Bliss Audio FaderShield

Each Chase Bliss Audio FaderShield was custom designed for the pedal it protects. Thankfully, the installation takes only a few minutes, and the design doesn’t detract from the pedal it is protecting.

Chase Bliss Audio FaderShield on CXM 1978

Protect your Faders!

The idea is probably a good one, as these pedals aren’t cheap and if some muppet spills their pint near your beloved CXM 1978 it could kill it. The FaderShield is possibly more suited to keeping dust and debris out your faders, but either way its probably a good thing to have, especially if you plant use your pedal at gigs.

Chase Bliss Audio FaderShield Preamp MKII

An Expensive Add-on?

I’m almost surprised they didn’t include one with the original purchase of the pedals though. As they do look somewhat like an accident waiting to happen, with those motorised moving faders and the slightly exposed tracks.

It’s a pretty expensive add-on, though its appears to work perfectly and your faders can move without being hindered in any way. So it certainly a solution that solves a potential issue.

There are two versions on offer, one for the Preamp MKII and the other for the CXM 1978.

RRP – USD 79

Chase Bliss Audio FaderShield


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