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Friedman BE-MINI 30-Watt Guitar Head solid-state travel amp

Friedman BE-MINI 30-Watt Guitar Head on N Stuff Music site
New solid-state Friedman BE-MINI 30 Watt travel amp head leaked this morning.

It looks like a new solid-state amp head, with Friedman’s high-gain, British-voiced preamp section, has been leaked by a dealer, NStuff Music. The amp has now been officially shown in a video this afternoon, but where is it made? This is a whole new product range for the boutique tube amp builder.

Friedman BE-MINI 30-Watt

Controls for Gain, Level, Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence, and Cut and Tight switches. The N Stuff Music site discusses the inspiration for this new amp head, including the BE-OD Overdrive Pedal and the BE-100 Amplifier.

Billed as a travel amp head, this mini hybrid amp looks like a whole new product line for the boutique US brand run by amp guru Dave Friedman. It’s super lightweight at only 4lbs and only measures 9.5” (w) x 6.25” (d) x 5.25” (h), so it is the perfect size for travelling with.


Currently, Friedman’s official Instagram page is alluding to a new product, so it looks like this new, what appears to be solid-state amp head, could be what they are talking about.

 Friedman BE-MINI 30-Watt

Travel Amp head

They also list a Series Effects Loop in the features list on the dealer site, so it will play ball with all your effects. I own a Friedman Pink Taco, which is a 20-Watt tube head and the effects loop on that amp is practically transparent, which means it works beautifully with time based effects and doesn’t mess with your amp tone. Hopefully, we will see some of this with this new BE-MINI as well.

With a Series Effects Loop

Affordable Tone?

With a list price of $329.99 and billed as a travel head with a universal 24V power supply included, this 30-Watt amp head could be a great solution for any players that are on the move.

Especially with all that renowned Friedman tone, which is based on hot-rodded classic Marshall amps. Dave Friedman is literally one of the best modern amp builders and circuit designers, so I think this could be a real winner for him.

Made in the USA?

It is very cheap and some players are already asking on social media, where is it made? Is it still a USA made product? Or is it being manufactured abroad?

Official Video Now Available

Friedman’s Instagram page updated earlier today with a new demo video and so now we know what it sounds like, and it sounds pretty damn fine for such a tiny amp head. You can check that video out below for yourself.

You can buy the Friedman BE-Mini here via Thomann

RRP – USD 329.99

More Information




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