Gordon Smith Guitars tease new GS Offset

An all new offset guitar from Gordon Smith shared on Facebook and it needs a name.

UK guitar company Gordon Smith Guitars have been around since 1974. They have reputation for making simple double cut and single cut style guitars. This weekend they teased a new offset design on their official Facebook page and it looks like it needs a name.

GS Offset

Currently, this new offset model is being called the GS Offset, however it appears to be the first of its kind, and Gordon Smith Guitars say they are looking to find a name for it.

Gordon Smith Guitars’ new GS Offset

Sunburst Offset

The sunburst finish appears from the grain pattern, to show what might be swamp ash for the main body, and normally you would have a maple or sometimes a poplar neck on most Gordon Smith models, so I’m presuming that is the one is probably maple and with a rosewood fretboard.

New GS Offset model from the UK


With what looks like two P90-style pickups with chrome covers, along with an offset trem system and bridge, plus a small black pickguard.

The headstock design reminds me somewhat of Fano guitars, with that stepped layer and overall I really like the subtle body carve and shape that they have chosen.

This model looks really good in my opinion and so hopefully, we will see it in full product some time this year. What would you name this new offset?

Gordon Smith Guitars

Gordon Smith Guitars’ Facebook page

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