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Victory V4 Kraken pedal-format guitar amp with Two Notes Cab emulation

Victory V4 Kraken
New Victory Kraken V4 amp with integrated Two Notes cab simulation, a 180 watts Class-D amp in a pedal!

As of today, the new Victory Amplification V4 Kraken pedal-format guitar amp is available for pre-order. This monster amp features a valve-driven preamp, 180-watt Class D power, and onboard Two Notes cab simulation.

Victory V4 Kraken

With the new Victory V4 Kraken, you get all the best features of the company’s Kraken amp range, which is distilled into a compact and easy-to-carry pedal format.

The pedal-based amplifier has a tube preamp section, with two gain channels, into a 180-watt Class D power amp section. One side is British voiced, whilst the other is American, so you have two distinct types of amp gain on offer.

With a single EC900 and a trio of CV4014 tubes in the preamp, this amp can do some stunning gain tones.

Class D

Class D solid-state power sections such as this mean that the amp’s output is dependant on the speaker load. If you use a more common 8-ohm cab, output power drops to approximately 90 watts. 16-ohms gives you a still very healthy 45 watts.

Victory V4 Kraken pedal with 180-Watt Class-D amp
Victory V4 Kraken

Gain 1 vs Gain 2?

 Gain 1 has a slightly looser, more ‘vintage’ British-inspired gain sound. Gain 2 has a tighter bass response, a more cutting midrange character, and, yes, more drive.

Victory Two Notes Virtual Cabinets software


The EQ has bass, middle and treble controls, you have 6 Cab Sim presets on board, and you can load and edit more via the USB port so that Two Notes technology will make this amp super easy to make it sound exactly how you like it. Plus, you can send the cab simulation via the balanced XLR line to the front of the house with your desired cab tone.

Two Notes audio engineering uses Torpedo-embedded DynIR Virtual Cabinet technology, making it easy to go directly to FOH, headphones, or your audio interface.

Reverb & Effects

You also have onboard footswitchable digital reverb, plus a series effects loop which means you can easily use the pedal with all your favourite stompboxes. Plus, it can also power your pedals, as it has a dedicated 9V DC power out for just that job!

Pre-orders for the new Victory Kraken V4 have been open since today. You can hear Rabea Massaad taking it through its paces in the official demo video below, and it sounds like a beast of an amp!

RRP – GBP 799 / USD 999 / EUR 919

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