Boss Klon DS-1 Centaur?

Possibly the most exclusive pedal on the planet. This orange Klon-shaped Boss DS-1 is currently 'one of a kind'

The Boss Klon DS-1 Centaur is the brainchild of YouTube channel KDH. Combing the bright orange design of the biggest selling distortion pedal in the world, with one of possibly the most exclusive boutique overdrives in history.

Boss Klon DS-1 Centaur

The premise for this orange monstrosity was pretty simple, what happens when you put a super easy to find distortion circuit into an exclusive looking Klon-style casing?

KDH with his Boss Klon DS-1 Centaur

Boss DS-1 vs Klon Siberia Overdrive

Its a funny combination of two pedals, from two extremes of the pedal world. The Boss DS-1 has sold literally hundreds of thousands of units worldwide. Whereas the Bill Finnegan designed Klon Siberia Overdrive pedal probably should more like 3000 in its lifetime.

My two original Klon Siberia Overdrive pedals

Boutique Overdrive vs Mass Produced Distortion?

I’m just going to say this, I have personally owned two original Klon Siberia pedals at the same time ands have sold both. But I still own my Boss DS-1 pedal.

Take into account some of the biggest names in the guitar world use or have used a Boss DS-1 including Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and even Kurt Cobain!

Orange Exclusive

Check out the KDH video below to see how this ‘one off’ super exclusive orange coloured, Klon-shaped Boss DS-1 pedal come into life.

KDH YouTube Channel



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