YouTube Young Guns: Watch Phia Mipps shred the classics!

In the first of my new series featuring up and coming guitar players that should be on your radar, come watch Phia Mipps shred the classics!

YouTube features some amazing self-produced videos of young guitarists shredding their stuff, and I’m sharing all the ones that have caught my eye so that you can follow them and watch them play with this series called YouTube Young Guns.  

YouTube Young Guns: Phia Mipps

I stumbled across Phia Mipps’ YouTube channel and was instantly taken by her choice of classic guitar tracks and how Phia attacks them with such gusto! You’ll see Phia shredding a sweet blue PRS Custom and a red Fender Stratocaster on her channel.

Tackling the Classics

This young guitarist has chops that will burn your face off and plays without ever breaking into a sweat. In fact, Phia is normally singing along and smiling as she tackles classics from Guns ‘n’ Roses, Metallica, Prince, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Van Halen.

Phia Mipps Facebook Red Stratocaster
Phia Mipps is one to watch this year

The tone is in the fingers!

Phia has a great guitar tone and phrasing. Personally, it is great to see guitarists like Phia tackling these well-known classic tracks and to watch them really enjoying playing them. I’m hoping that we will see more like this from Phia’s channel throughout 2021.

Make sure you check out some of Phia’s covers below and be sure to subscribe to her YouTube, Instagram and Facebook channels from the links below, as there are frequent new uploads, and the video production quality is great.

Phia Mipps’ YouTube Channel




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