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Analysing the Boss Waza Craft HM-2W

Analysing the Boss HM-2W
Are there any differences between the soon to be released Boss Waza Craft HM-2W and the original 1980s HM-2 pedal?

YouTube channel CSGuitars has released a great video today comparing the new Boss Waza Craft HM-2W to the original pedal which came out in the ’80s.

CSGuitars Overview of the Boss HM-2W Prototype

If you are chasing that chainsaw sound of the original 1980s Boss HM-2 pedal, then the upcoming release of the new Boss Waza Craft HM-2W has probably got your attention already.

We saw Ola Englund take a prototype for a spin only two weeks ago and in this latest update, we get to hear more of the background and science behind that infamous chainsaw distortion tone.

In this video, Chris at CSGuitars takes the original HM-2 and looks at the schematic, and describes how the original Swedish Death Metal sound was born when bands started turning all four controls up to maximum.

And as it has a powerful EQ section, this meant the original HM-2 just went into insanity mode when you dimed all the controls to  10.

Boss Waza Craft HM-2W Prototype #1
Boss Waza Craft HM-2W Prototype #1

Prototype #1

This new Waza Craft version is still currently a prototype model, but it sounds as though Boss are nearly ready to unleash it on the world. In the video below, we can see this particular pedal is labelled #1, which potentially means that things could change before production starts officially.

The HM-2W has a Standard and Custom mode, with the latter adding more gain and tighter bass response. Overall, we know the new Waza Craft version also has a lower noise floor, so it could be a great update on the original pedal.

We can’t yet say for sure exactly what has changed on this new version internally on this new version, but I suspect better component choices, with closer tolerances and potentially a bunch of modern-day SMC (surface-mounted components).

This modern update looks like it has better quality internal buffers and an updated power section, which all help to keep the noise floor down. And the Custom mode has a further extended bass range, which will work with low B strings on modern dropped tuned guitars for example.

Make sure you check out the CSGuitars video below and hear this prototype in action. I’ve also put CSGuitars Instagram link below, make sure to subscribe to both of these channels if you enjoy finding out more information about guitar gear.


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