Hot Fuzz: Watch the EQD Park Fuzz Sound get roasted by Sylvia Massy

Watch this EQD Park Fuzz Sound get introduced to two extremes of temperature and hear those germanium transistors go wild!

This new Studio Go Boom video from EarthQuaker Devices and Sylvia Massy takes the germanium fuzz circuit and turns up the heat!

Hot Fuzz!

What happens when you take a germanium fuzz based circuit and heat it up? Well, the latest EQD Studio Go Boom video, gets legendary sound engineer Sylvia Massy to turn up the heat and see what happens.

EQD Park Fuzz
EQD Park Fuzz with germanium transistors

Germanium Fuzz

The poor little germanium transistor gets cooled down in an icebox, then attacked with a hairdryer set to hot. Using a Park Fuzz Sound for the demonstration, you get to hear how germanium fuzz circuits react to temperature and see what players had to put up with back in the late ’60s and early ’70s.

Silicon Fuzz

Then silicon transistors came along and stabilised the world of fuzz so that it becomes more stable (and raucous), but its still fun to see the germanium fuzz pedals do their thing.

Check out the video below to watch this little fuzz pedal interact with extremes of temperature.

EarthQuaker Devices

Sylvia Massy


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