Gone Fishing Effects The Rage Of The Tsar Germanium Fuzz pedals

The Gone Fishing Effects Germanium powered Fuzz pedal, The Rage Of The Tsar comes in a sweet wall of art

Gone Fishing Effects has released The Rage Of The Tsar Germanium Fuzz pedals. With each of the 36 pedals making up one huge work of art!

The Rage Of The Tsar

Based on NOS Russian Germanium transistors, The Rage Of The Tsar pedal gets its name from those little components which fuel its fuzz tone.

You can see the artwork being created in the Instagram video below. Not sure I could afford all 36 pedals, but one would do nicely.

Dirty Fuzz Experts!

Gone Fishing Effects is well known for making limited runs of fuzz pedals and has made them for Biffy Clyro’ Simon Neil in the past, with his BOOOOOM – BLAST signature pedal.

You can check out this skull f***ing fuzz in the demo videos below. I like the graphic and I do love me some fuzz, so it’s a win, win for me!

The Rage of the Tsar pedal will be available to purchase from Thursday 13th May at 12 noon GMT, so get online if you want one and follow the links below to get all the details on this new dirt box.

Gone Fishing Effects




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