Nik Huber announces Bernie Marsden signature models

Nik Huber is releasing a limited run of Bernie Marsden signature models, with Flame Top and Gold Top models on offer.

Nik Huber guitars has announced via Instagram a limited run of Bernie Marsden signature models. With 12 Flame Top models, plus 12 Gold Top models being sold. These models will be sold exclusively by 12 dealers world wide.

Bernie Marsden

This limited run of Bernie Marsden signature models, will be made by Nik Huber. Which means we can expect a seriously high spec guitar. As the company is one of the finest boutique guitar builders in the world. Currently, all the information we have is on a rather short Instagram post released by Nik Huber.

Nik Huber Bernie Marsden Signature
Nik Huber Bernie Marsden Signature

12 Models

We do know there will be 12 Flame Top models, loaded with hum bucking pickups, plus 12 Gold Top models fitted with P90 pickups.  Both versions have a three knob control layout, but that is all the details we have for now. Of course, Bernie is well known for his work with early Whitesnake and is also seen playing The Beast, which is an original ‘59 Gibson ‘Burst Les Paul Standard. I’ve popped a video below of Bernie and The Beast so you can hear it in actions.

PRS SE Bernie Marsden
PRS SE Bernie Marsden

Bernie Signature Models

He has also had a few limited edition runs of signature PRS SE models in the past, with a similar control layout to these models. Though they all came with twin humbuckers and they are no longer available from PRS. This limited run by Nik Huber is certainly one to keep an eye out for and I’ll update you all once more details are officially announced.


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