Hello Kitty Squier Strat has more than doubled in value since 2019

Hello Kitty Squier Strat

Reverb is reporting that used prices of used Squier Hello Kitty Strats have jumped up in recent years, rising from an average of $275 in 2019 to $700 in 2022. And it looks like prices could head over $1000 in the future!

Hello Kitty Squier Strat

That’s a price growth of 254% in just three years!

This is impressive for a guitar that was once dismissed by many as a joke guitar, or a beginner’s model aimed at girls. Fender originally released the Squier Hello Kitty Stratocaster in 2006. Based on the beginner-focused Affinity Strat, it features an Agathis body, maple neck and one bridge humbucker with a single volume control.

Hello Kitty Squier Strat
$1000 for a Hello Kitty Squier Strat?


Reverb writes that they believe the YouTuber TheDooo,  a guitarist with six million subscribers and often shares clips of himself baiting strangers on the chat site Omegle. Armed with his somewhat innocent-looking pink Hello Kitty axe, he pretends to be a beginner before he eventually unleashes shred guitar licks and leads on unsuspecting watchers.

$1000 plus!

Some Reverb sellers are now starting to demand price tags of $1,000 or more for this now-discontinued limited edition Squire model.



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