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KHDK LCFR: The Second Coming

KHDK LCFR- The Second Coming
The latest KHDK pedal is the revised LCFR- The Second Coming a signature effect for Behemoth guitarist Nergal

Behold it is The Second Coming of Nergal’s infamous signature LCFR pedal. This cursed box from Hell is an overdrive/booster offering aggressive, demonic high-gain drive tones. Perfect for anyone that plays in a band named Behemoth…

The Second Coming

The newly updated, revised LCFR: The Second Coming adds a mid-control to the signature KHDK pedal for guitarist Nergal. The mid-control SULFUR and a White Chocolate new paint job are all it really adds to the original version.

KHDK LCFR: The Second Coming
KHDK LCFR: The Second Coming

Every pedal is assembled, hand-printed and guitar-tested in Prague. With only 333 units being built in total and each one will ship with a signed certificate bearing Nergal’s signature.

“I wanted KHDK to create LCFR The Second Coming as a more brutal version of the first and KHDK made it more Diabolic than ever.”
~ Nergal

Official LCFR controls overview

SUMMA: Controls the amount of output volume. Tip: The output gets insanely loud on the maximum setting, especially when your Gain control is also set high. You’ve been warned…

IGNIS:  Adjusts the amount of your input signal. Turning this knob up increases the breakup. On high settings, it brings a smooth clipping/compression to your signal.

Tip: With both the Gain and Volume dimmed, the LCFR may be too loud.  Sometimes squealing or feedback may occur when other controls are dimmed too. Find a good balance between these two controls. For a cleaner signal, turn your Gain low and dim the Volume. This setting works best for boosting a tube amp with its own overdrive – and the LCFR works as a powerful tone shaper. If you want the LCFR to produce its own clipping and overdrive, turn the Gain high and adjust your output with the Volume knob.

NOX: This active control adjusts your low frequencies. It’s neutral at noon, boosts the lows when turned clockwise and cuts the bass when turned counterclockwise. Tip: Bass is hugely useful for shaping your signal with a low-tuned guitar. Cutting off the lows before distorting your signal gives you a faster attack and a tight bass response.

LUX: This active control adjusts the high frequencies. It’s neutral at noon, boosts your highs when turned clockwise, and cuts the highs when turned counterclockwise.  Tip: Use the Highs to shape your tone in the pre-distortion stage. Cutting your highs before distortion brings a smoother, mellow tone, perfect for soloing. For aggressive rhythm playing, boost the highs to cut through in the mix and adds precision to your playing.

SULFUR: Boosts or cuts the mid frequencies, but within this control, there are two frequencies which add a very unique additional aggressiveness to your tone.

BYPASS STOMP SWITCH: Activates the whole circuit. When the LCFR is ON, the two amber lights are aglow. When the LCFR is off, it is true-bypassed with no effect on your tone.

The pedal can be powered by an external DC power supply. Use a stabilized DC with a 2.1mm barrel connector and negative centre. Use a 9 to 18 Volts power source, 18 volts will give you a louder output and a cleaner sound. It will also run off a regular battery.

MSRP – $249.99 plus shipping


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