Caline Technology Lorcan Mini Guitar Amp the perfect effect pedal companion?

The new Caline Lorcan Mini Guitar Amp combines onboard effects and power for your pedals into a mini guitar amp

Caline Technology has announced the new Lorcan Mini Guitar Amp and it looks like it could be a great tool for guitarists on the move. Especially, if you need to use effects as it features some onboard and can power your external stompboxes as well.

Lorcan Mini Guitar Amp

The Caline Lorcan mini amp features both an onboard delay circuit and a  distortion circuit, which can be turned on and off and tweaked using the knobs on the front of the Lorcan.

Lorcan Mini Amp with effects
Lorcan Mini Amp with Effects

Delay Controls

  • “Delay” Button – Turns the Delay effect on and off
  • “Level” Knob – Sets the level of the delay effect
  • “Repeats” Knob – Sets the number of delay repeats
  • “Time” Knob – Sets the delay time

Distortion Controls

  • “Dist” Button – Turns the distortion effect on and off
  • “Vol” Knob – Sets the output volume of the distortion effect
  • “Tone” Knob – Adjusts the tone of the distortion effect
  • “Gain” Knob – Sets the amount of distortion
Lorcan Mini Amp with effects
And it powers your pedals

On the go

This single-channel guitar amp is fully battery-powered and features two 4-ohm 10W speakers. Aside from the onboard delay and distortion effects, the Lorcan also offers three 9v (100Ma) power outlets on the right side, allowing you to power your guitar pedals directly from the amplifier’s battery.

It also has a headphone out and an Aux input, making it perfect for practising your guitar parts.

  • 2 x 4ohm 10W speakers. 
  • Built-in battery (3-hour run time / 2-hour charge time)
  • 18v Power supply input for charging
  • ⅛” Aux In Jack (play along to music or even use it as a speaker)
  • ⅛” Headphone Output
  • Two built-in effects: Delay & Distortion 
  • 3 x 9v 100mA power outputs for external pedals (3 DC Cables included)

MSRP – $89.99

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