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Taylor adds new American Dream Sunburst models

Taylor launches three new American Dream in a Sunburst finish. These three models each offer something tonally different and come in this classy new look.

Taylor’s American Dream series was first released back during the start of the global pandemic. The idea was for them to deliver the essentials of a premium acoustic guitar just at a more affordable price point. Now, they have added three new Sunburst models to that range.

American Dream Sunburst

The three new Taylor American Dream models include the Grand Theatre AD11e-SB, Grand Concert AD12e-SB and Grand Pacific AS17e-SB. They each feature a faux tortoiseshell pickguard and a set of 4mm Italian acrylic dot fretboard inlay.

Plus, that new Sunburst finish that I personally think looks ace!

All three of the new American Dreams come fitted with Taylor’s Expression System 2 pickups.

American Dream Sunburst
American Dream Sunburst

“We’re excited to expand the American Dream family with these new sunburst guitars,” Andy Powers, Taylor’s chief guitar designer, President and CEO.

Taylor American Dream Sunburst AD11e-SB
Taylor American Dream Sunburst AD11e-SB

Made in the USA

Designed at the intersection of craftsmanship, rich acoustic tone and value for everyday musicians, the American Dream Series is Taylor’s gateway to the solid-wood, U.S.-made acoustic guitar experience.

Taylor American Dream Sunburst
Taylor American Dream Sunburst AD17e-SB


While the three models all look quite similar as they all share the new Sunburst finish. They actually differ in regard to their voicing, scale lengths and overall tonality.

Taylor American Dream Sunburst AD12e-SB
Taylor American Dream Sunburst AD12e-SB

C-Class & V-Class bracing

The Grand Theatre which is a scaled-down model, featuring C-Class bracing for extra low-end power is $1,799, while the Grand Concert and Grand Pacific are $1,999 each. The latter two both use the V-Class bracing instead.

All three models featured chamfered body edges to level up the playing comfort, along with slender, easy-playing Taylor necks.

Definitely, ones to check out if you want a classy-looking, USA-made guitar. With that added bonus they won’t break the bank. Nice.


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