LEAK: Strymon Cloudburst Reverb – Ambient Reverb: Out Now!

A new Strymon Cloudburst Reverb - Ambient Reverb has leaked on an Italian dealer site priced at only €319

This new Strymon Cloudburst Reverb pedal has been accidentally leaked by a dealer. This means that we could see an official announcement very soon, hopefully. The labelling calls ta an Ambient Reverb and it looks very blue.

UPDATE 02/02/23

Turns out that I was correct, it is real and not a fake, and it is out now.

Strymon Cloudburst Reverb

It looks as though Strymon is about to release another new reverb and it is called the Cloudburst Reverb.

They are already pretty famous for producing DSP-based effects and their reverb algorithms are seen as one of the company’s strengths.

Strymon Cloudburst Reverb
Strymon Cloudburst Reverb

What exactly is it?

Currently, I don’t have any more detailed information. Therefore, I only have one fairly low-resolution image to work from.

Just that single image and a price point of €319 which was accidentally left online by an Italian Strymon dealer.

The listing was pulled, but thankfully Google cached the website and so the basic information is still available for us to see.

It looks like the Clouds algorithm has been taken from the BigSky and repackaged as a standalone reverb effect though.

Strymon Cloudburst Reverb - Ambient Reverb
Strymon Cloudburst Reverb – Ambient Reverb


The new pedal has controls labelled Decay, Mix, Pre-Delay, Tone and Mod. Along with a single switch labelled Ensemble with three settings.

It also looks like it has three jack sockets on the rear panel. Maybe TRS in, stereo out or alternatively TRS in, TRS out and expression/MIDI.

There is no official information yet and so let the speculation begin!

Feel free to let me know what you think of this new Ambient Reverb in the comments section below.

One reader has found another cached site with a release date of Feb 6th, 2023.

MSRP – €319


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