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Audiosingularity Neurontube a free Soldano SLO-100 amp plugin for your DAW

Audiosingularity Neurontube Debut
New Audiosingularity Neurontube Debut plugin offers a Soldano SLO-100 and Laney TF300 amp plus virtual effects pedal all for free. On Mac, Windows and Linux systems

Audiosingularity Neurontube from Brazil is offering a Soldano and Laney TF300 amp-style plugin for your DAW. It works on Mac and PC and offers plenty of great guitar tones for free.

Audiosingularity Neurontube Debut

This Audiosingularity Neurontube plugin offers both Soldano SLO-100 and Laney TF300 amp tones for your DAW setup. It works on Mac, Windows and Linux systems.

Neurontube Debut
Neurontube Debut

Virtual Cabinets

It also includes a  4×12 Vintage 30 Marshall 1960 Lead A, and a 4×12 Vintage 30 Modern American digital cab, while the Laney TF300 combo sim comes loaded with a 1×12 HH Invader speaker.

Best of all it is completely free and you can download it now.

Audiosingularity Neurontube Debut
Soldano and Laney TF300


The neurontube: debut plugin also comes with these built-in virtual effect pedals

COMPRESSOR: as the name says, a compressor pedal, that makes controlling your signal volume easy.

BURN: distortion/fuzz pedal. It lets you go from an edge-of-breakup Centaur-like sound to giving you the low-end tightness of Tube-sSreamers, to amp melting fuzz. It covers it all.

CHORUS: chorus pedal, for this one we went for a vintage chorus modulation. Sounds great at speedy rate 80’s tones, or slow rate fulfilling chords, beautiful stuff. Boosting the feedback/depth you can get to the psychedelic side of this pedal.

TIME MACHINE: our delay pedal, based on a hand-picked analogue delay pedal, was designed to filter off annoying treble frequencies, making it sound darker than most digital-made delays. Control the time, feedback and mix.

THE ROOM: a studio room reverb pedal. Control the room size, the reflection brilliance and the mix. You can even control the position of the pedal on the chain of your signal: pre or post amp (loop fx-like).


Free Virtual Amp Tones

It all sounds pretty good and you can check out the video below to hear it in action. For a free plugin, it has to be a no-brainer to download and check out your DAW setup.

The plugin bundle also includes a precision tuner, input/output level control, input/output level metering, noise gate control, preset editor, amp selector, a pedalboard section, amp section, cabinet section and mute button.


  • 64-bit VST3 / AU (macOS only) / Standalone app. Works on: Windows 10
  • OSX 10.12 to up-to-date macOS versions
  • Linux debian distros (tested on Linux Mint and Ubuntu).





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