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Dunlop Authentic Hendrix ‘68 Shrine mini pedals

Dunlop Authentic Hendrix ‘68 Shrine mini pedals are coming soon. But are they just more Hendrix-branded effect pedals aimed at collectors and fanboys?

These four Dunlop pedals offer effects inspired by Hendrix’s original pedals and come with artwork from John Van Hamserveld. Is this yet another Jimi Hendrix cash-in?

Authentic Hendrix ‘68 Shrine mini pedals

Inspired by the Fuzz Face, Uni-Vibe chorus/vibrato, Octavio fuzz and Band of Gypsys Fuzz. Each was synonymous with Hendrix’s somewhat unique at the time use of effect pedals and they are now been released in an MXR mini-pedal format. Perfect for modern-day guitar players that like to cram loads of effects onto a single pedalboard.

The artwork on these four effects is all based on the original Shrine Auditorium concert poster, which was designed by John Van Hamserveld and was first published all the way back in 1968.

Authentic Hendrix ‘68 Shrine mini pedals
Authentic Hendrix ‘68 Shrine mini format pedals

Fuzz Face

Inspired by the original Fuzz Face unit, the Authentic Hendrix ‘68 Shrine design offers knobs to adjust Volume and Fuzz, along with two separate buttons that both aim to recreate Jimi’s original classic fuzz tones.

Octavio Fuzz

Similar to the Fuzz Face, this effect is a shrunken-down version of the original pedal it was inspired by.  In this case the MXR Octavio. It has Level and Fuzz knobs, plus a top-mounted Octave button.

Band of Gypsys Fuzz

The Band of Gypsys Fuzz is based on Hendrix’s mystery fuzz pedal that he used in the Band of Gypsys. It comes with Fuzz, Output and Tone controls.


This Uni-Vibe has three control knobs to adjust the Speed, Level and Depth. This last one was inspired by the MXR M68 pedal.


These four new Hendrix-inspired compact pedals are due out around the 1st of March. Not long to wait and you can go try them out at your local store soon. I kind of feel like they are a bit of a cash-in myself, but as we all know the Hendrix name sells guitar gear and players love it.

Though, you will get modern build quality and components. But, they aren’t really aimed at anyone looking for authentic vintage correct effects as used by Jimi back in the day. I’m sure they will get you in the ballpark though.

MSRP – $149.99 each 




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