EMG JMaster loaded Jazzmaster pickguards for your offset

The EMG JMaster range is part of their Retro Active Line Up. These new Jazzmaster pickups feature Alnico 5 rods and wide-stacked coils.

EMG JMaster offers all-new loaded Jazzmaster pickguards with Alnico V magnets and wide-stacked coils.  These active single-coil designs are driven by an onboard vintage-inspired preamp. Yet, offer classic vintage Fender Jazzmaster tones, just with lots of extra EQ and Boosts.

EMG JMaster

EMG JMaster is a whole new set of products from the pickup manufacturer. Normally, I associate EMG with high-gain players, metal and active clean pickups.

As part of EMG’s Retro Active Line Up, these new Jazzmaster pickups feature Alnico 5 rods and wide stacked coils. Offering a rich and balanced single coil tone.

EMG Jmaster
Noise Free Vintage Offset tones

Noise Free

They are still active single-coil designs and are paired with a preamp that offers classic vintage tones. What is really nice is that the JMaster systems are free of hum and as they are pre-wired they are incredibly easy to install.

The pickguard system features a powerful set of master EQ controls on the upper horn of the guitar.

Pre-Wired pickguard
Pre-Wired pickguard

Rhythm Circuit

Instead of the standard Fender Jazzmaster rhythm circuit, EMG has added a range of boosts to shape the offset tones. This includes an SPC Presence Control with a broad midrange boost, adjusted via the roller control nearest the neck.

This can be swapped out for a flat boost of up to 12dB via the upper-horn toggle switch. Plus, the EXG Expander boosts low and high frequencies. EMG describes the EXG Control as being able to simultaneously boosts the low and high frequencies giving your instrument a liquid tone with a full bottom end and enhanced highs

Jmaster Ivory covers
Jmaster pickups with Ivory covers

Pre-Wired Pickguards

The new EMG JMaster prewired pickguard is available at the end of March for $379-399. Or you can buy pairs of pickups in Black, White and Ivory pickup covers starting from $229.

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