IKEA Guitar made from Swedish furniture


The IKEA Guitar was made using recycled IKEA furniture. This guitar was built by Tchiks Guitars from Brussels and documented on social media. 

IKEA Guitar

The IKEA Guitar uses parts from the Swedish furniture company. The ingenious guitar build was documented showing how and what was used to complete the guitar.

Named the VECNA, this guitar was all handcrafted in Brussels using wood, MDF, paper and glue.


Guitar Parts

It features a guitar neck made from a STUVA cot and the body used the HENRIKSDAL chair, plus a LACK shelf. The fretboard was made using an MÅLERÅS picture ledge and fitted with 24 frets.

An APTILIG chopping board was utilised for the guitar’s two control knobs. Finally, the output jack plate was made using the LILANGEN door handle and a set of strap buttons from a KALLAX insert knob.

VECNA IKEA Guitar Build
VECNA IKEA Guitar Build

Parts List

  • Neck: STUVA cot
  • Body: HENRIKSDAL chair LACK shelf
  • Fretboard: MÅLERÅS picture ledge
  • Knobs: APTILIG chopping board Jack output plate:
  • LILANGEN door handle
  • Strap buttons: KALLAX insert knob
  • 24 frets 

The guitar was fitted with a single Lace Alumitone bridge pickup and has a split coil push/push that turns on an LED when the pickup is engaged.

VECNA IKEA Guitar Build
Swedish Furniture Tone

Tchiks Guitars 

YouTube channel Tchiks Guitars shows the details behind his guitar build in the video below. Follow the links below to see more of his guitar builds documented on his YouTube and Instagram channels.

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