Great Eastern FX Co Focus Fuzz: Stand out in the mix

Great Eastern FX Co Focus Fuzz promises to deliver a range of great tones, from crunchy distortion to gnarly fuzz.

Great Eastern FX Co Focus Fuzz goes from crunchy distortion through to gnarly fuzz. The ‘Focus’ control transforms the character of the fuzz from wide and woolly to biting to help you stand out in the mix.

Focus Fuzz

The new Great Eastern FX Co Focus Fuzz uses both NOS germanium and modern silicon transistors at the heart of the pedal’s fuzz circuit.

Focus Fuzz
With  NOS germanium and modern silicon transistors

Made in the UK

All the pedals are built in the UK and they use high-quality components including low-noise metal film resistors, PET film capacitors, Alpha pots and Neutrik jack sockets. This is definitely the way to get a quality effect pedal, by not cutting corners and so should last you a lifetime.

It comes with neat, simple controls for Focus, Fuzz and Level.


Focus Fuzz
Focus Fuzz


The Fuzz knob adjusts gain and bias voltage simultaneously. At lower gain settings, it’s biased like a conventional overdrive or distortion pedal. Turn the gain up and the bias drops down, delivering the kind of asymmetrical, square-wave clipping associated with a vintage fuzz.

Then the Focus knob takes things one step further. It does this by progressively adding more gain, bite and aggression. This will be perfect for helping you stand out in a mix.

MSRP – $285/£249/€299

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