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Chase Bliss MOOD II new features and Classic Mode

Chase Bliss MOOD MKII
The new Chase Bliss MOOD II has been revealed and it now has even more options and a Classic Mode

Chase Bliss MOOD II has now been updated. The effect is a different kind of multi-effect. Its two channels are aware of each other and work together. One-half samples and loops brief moments, the other is a collection of real-time spatial effects.

Chase Bliss MOOD II

On the surface, the Chase Bliss MOOD II will feel familiar, but you now have the ability to go so much further. Just about everything in the pedal is doubled, roughly speaking. The loops can be twice as long, it’s full stereo, and both channels now have a powerful hold function. You can overdub, you can sync, you can freeze and you can even use the looper like a live effect.

It’s a lot, but it doesn’t feel like it. It all feels like a natural extension of MOOD.

The original MOOD offered two channels: one a granular looper that samples and loops incoming audio, while the other is a spatial effects processor with reverb and delay.


What’s new?

They have decided to tuck the complex bits within the hidden options and behind the dip switches for when and if you need them.

This is also where you’ll find a lot of the little details that have been requested like the ability to balance the volume of the two channels.

They have also published a Field Guide that details the pedal’s capabilities.

What’s new?

Classic Mode

Chase Bliss fixed up a whole bunch of things – some big, some small – but there’s a Classic Mode if you decide you prefer the flaws of the original MOOD pedal. Those kinds of things can be nice sometimes, like the noise of the Clock or how micro-loops would slowly distort over time.

It can also do stereo, overdubbing, freezing, syncing, fading, filtering, balancing, blending, smoothing, etc.

MOOD MKII features advanced connectivity and customization options including MIDI, CV and expression control, presets and internal modulation of any or all its knobs.

Pre-Orders are open now on the site with delivery set for the end of April 2023.

MSRP – $399

More Information


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