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Fender Made in Japan Traditional Stratocaster Reverse Head

Fender Made in Japan Traditional Stratocaster Reverse Head
Fender Traditional Stratocaster Reverse Head limited run for the Japanese market announced, with classic styling and a subtle twist to the Strat formula

This Fender Made in Japan Traditional Stratocaster Reverse Head is a limited-run model for the Japanese market. It gives the classic vintage-style Strat a subtle twist by adding a reverse headstock and an anodized pickguard, plus gold hardware.

Traditional Stratocaster Reverse Head

These Fender Made in Japan Traditional Stratocaster Reverse Head models come with an eye-catching reverse head and a gloss Sunburst finished alder body.

The look is completed with an anodized pickguard and gold hardware with eggshell/off-white plastics for the control knobs, tremolo arm tip and pickup covers.

Fender Traditional Stratocaster Reverse Head
Limited Run

Traditional Stratocaster Reverse Head Rear


Each one has a 9.5-inch radius “U” shape maple neck equipped with 21 vintage style frets and that reverse headstock. They also state specifically on the site that these have a narrower nut width (1.615″/41.02 mm) making it easy for Japanese players to play.

Traditional Stratocaster Reverse Head Rear Gold Hardware
Gold hardware

Classic Strat Formula

Hardware includes a 6 Saddle Vintage-Style Synchronized Tremolo Bridge and they come with a set of Vintage-Style Single-Coil Strat pickups.

It will be sold only in limited quantities, via the Fender Online Shop and Fender Shop in Miki Gakki,  Americamura. It is a very neat-looking ‘almost’ traditional-looking Stratocaster. I really like the reverse headstock aesthetic on Strats anyway and the classic colour scheme and choice of woods look great on this one.

Reverse headstocks also give you a longer string length behind the nut that can be great for subtle string bends and some players swear it sounds different to a regular Strat headstock, so it has a few potential advantages.

If you are in Japan, this is a sweet-looking Stratocaster and well worth checking out.

MSRP – ¥ 148,500 includes a Deluxe gig bag

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