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LEAK: PRS John Mayer SE Silver Sky new colours coming

These PRS John Mayer SE Silver Sky new colours have leaked online and could potentially be launched at NAMM 23.

A PRS John Mayer SE Silver Sky poster has leaked on Reddit and it shows new colours for the signature guitars. Just in time for NAMM 23?

PRS John Mayer SE Silver Sky

The new advert was posted on the Instagram story of a Taiwanese music store and picked up by Reddit user Ok_Creme431.

It shows off two new models in black and also a grey/silver finish. Both have rosewood fretboards and the typical Silver Sky layout.

PRS SE SE leak
PRS SE SE leak

Original Colours

John Mayer fans will be happy, as black is a colour they have been asking for, for a long time. The grey/silver finish also looks pretty good, in my opinion.

PRS SE Silver Sky

The original launch colours for the SE Silver sky were a little odd and included Dragon Fruit, Ever Green, Moon White and Stone Blue. So it is good to see some more toned-down options for the next release.

PRS SE Silver Sky

NAMM 2023 Launch?

My guess is that we should see these sometime around NAMM in April and so keep an eye out on the main PRS website and dealer pages.

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