Positive Grid Spark Go pocket 5-watt amp revealed

Positive Grid Spark Go is a new pocket-sized guitar amp with access to ToneCloud, Smart Jam and Auto Chords

Positive Grid has today unveiled the Spark Go, a pocket-sized 5-watt guitar amp with access to their ToneCloud library, with Bluetooth and practice features. Preorders are open now and they are offering introductory pricing as well.

Positive Grid Spark Go

Positive Grid’s Spark Go integrates with the proprietary Spark smartphone app. This means that it can load and control a choice of 33 amp and 43 effects pedal models. The pocket-sized guitar amp has 5 watts of power and will connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Making it potentially the perfect travel companion for guitarists on the move.

Positive Grid Spark Go
5-watt power compact guitar amp


The mini-amp also contains Positive Grid’s Smart Jam, which automatically generates backing tracks and has the Auto Chords function that can analyse music in real-time to generate play-along chord charts.

Plus, it will also function as an audio interface.

Positive Grid Spark Go
Practise Tool and Audio Interface


Preorders for the new mini amp are open now and there is an offer on the price. The pre-order price of £89/$109 will later rise to £129/$149.

This could be a neat solution for a lot of musicians and the benefit of having all those features makes the price seem quite reasonable. Certainly, one to keep in mind if you need a compact guitar amp and effects solution.

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