Fender Junior Collection Jazzmaster: Mini Offsets

Fender Junior Collection Jazzmaster is a smaller range of 24" scale length offsets with smaller, lighter bodies

These Fender Junior Collection Jazzmaster are new 24″ scale length offset models. Aimed at younger players, as they should be a little easier to play. Another exclusive model for the Japanese market.

Fender Junior Collection Jazzmaster

These new Japanese Fender Junior Collection Jazzmaster are a shorter 24″ scale length and are described on the Japanese site as;

Adopting a shorter 24-inch scale than usual reduces the ease of holding chords and the burden on the fingers when pressing, and realizes weight reduction with a compact body scaled down to about 94% and a new body cavity design. And it provides higher playability.

 Fender Junior Collection Jazzmaster Satin Shell Pink
Satin Shell Pink

Smaller Scale

  • Compact body scaled down to about 94%
  • New body cavity design achieves weight reduction.
  • Equipped with a newly designed Junior Collection Modified Single Coil Jazzmaster pickup
Fender Junior Collection Jazzmaster Satin Daphne Blue
Satin Daphne Blue

Six Colours

The colour options are fantastic and include Satin Surf Green, Satin Shell Pink, Satin Daphne Blue, Satin Vintage White, Black and a 3-Colour Sunburst.

 Fender Junior Collection Jazzmaster Satin Surf Green
Satin Surf Green


They have basswood bodies which are smaller and also weight relieved. These are paired with shorter 24″ scale-length Modern “C” maple necks, with either maple or rosewood fretboards (depending on the guitar’s finish) fitted with 22 frets.

Pickguards are either 3-Ply Eggshell or 4-Ply Tortoiseshell dependent on which colour finish you opt for.

Hardware includes a set of vintage-type tuners and a vintage-style floating tremolo bridge. The bridge looks to have a set of Mustang saddles, rather than traditional Jazzmaster grooved saddles.


 Fender Junior Collection Jazzmaster Satin Vintage White
Satin Vintage White

Regular Offset

A regular Jazzmaster is quite a large guitar and 25.5″ scale length, so these smaller offsets could be very popular for anyone younger or of smaller stature.

 Fender Junior Collection Jazzmaster
3-Colour Sunburst
 Fender Junior Collection Jazzmaster

Fender Japan

I really like the colour choices on offer with these new smaller Jazzmaster models, and there are plenty to choose from.

If you like Fender Japan guitars then make sure you check out the new ’60s Traditional Competition Stripe models as well.

MSRP – ¥ 130,900 includes a gig bag

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