Klon Centaur Engraved Aluminium Case Upgrade

Is your Klon Centaur too boring looking? Well now you can upgrade it with a fancy new hand engraved case!

This Klon Centaur engraved aluminium case could be a fancy upgrade you need for your boutique overdrive pedal. A highly detailed pattern for your transparent overdrive tone!

Klon Centaur Engraved

Anyone that has ever owned or seen a Klon Centaur will know that it is housed in a very nice aluminium case. Now you can upgrade your old boring case, with this neat hand-engraved upgrade.

Klon Centaur Engraved pedal
Klon Centaur Engraved pedal

Boutique Overdrive

Bill Finnegan, the pedal’s designer and builder wanted to make a premium quality overdrive pedal, back in the 1990s and so he went the extra mile.

Everyone has tried to copy or clone the Klon and there have even been claims recently that the Bad Monkey budget overdrive is similar sounding.

Engraved Klon case
Engraved Klon case


The sand-cast aluminium case gives the pedal a very robust look and feel, Being very practical as the base plate attaches via two large screws and the case itself is pretty bomb-proof.

Fancy Klon
Fancy Klon

Upgrade your Klon?

Now, an eBay seller in Australia is offering these ornately engraved cases. Each one could be used to build your own Klon clone. Or perhaps re-house your original if you are brave enough to dismantle it.

Klon Centaur Engraved pedal
Rear Panel

The original Klon famously has a glooped circuit board cover in some kind of epoxy to keep it intact. It also helped to keep the circuit a mystery from pedal cloners for many years.

Now you can upgrade your old boring Klon case with a fancy new one for under $300…

MSRP – $269.99

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