Laney Ironheart Loudpedal: 60W twin-channel amp

The Laney Ironheart Loudpedal offers a twin-channel 60-watt amp in a compact stompbox format

The new Laney Ironheart Loudpedal is a compact twin-channel 60-watt amp. This new Ironheart Foundry Series pedal offers the high-gain tones you want, without the back-breaking and expensive guitar amp.

Ironheart Loudpedal

The Ironheart Loudpedal is the first of the new Ironheart Foundry Series from Laney. The UK company knows a thing or two about great guitar amp tones. Therefore, I am expecting some great drive tones from this compact pedal.

It features two independent channels: Channel 1 features selectable Clean/Rhythm/Lead gain levels, whereas Channel 2 features Bright, Natural and Dark voicings.

Both channels share a three-band passive EQ, as well as a foot-switchable boost.

Laney Ironheart Loudpedal
Two-channel amp

FX Loop

It also comes with an FX loop for time-based effects, plus a speaker-emulated XLR out that is designed to run straight into a PA or for recording.

Ironheart Loudpedal rear panel
FX Loop

Amp or Pedal

It will also power a speaker cabinet or function as a boost/drive/distortion pedal. The pedal requires a 24-volt power supply capable of providing 2.5 amps.

This could be a great all-in-one solution for guitar players and also a great backup for your main guitar amp. The price point is very appealing and Laney have always had some great amp tones to offer guitarist.

MSRP – $299

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