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LEAK: Walrus Audio Fundamental pedals leaked

Walrus Audio Fundamental effect pedal range has been spotted online and could be here for NAMM

Walrus Audio Fundamental budget pedal range has leaked online. First spotted on Reddit and then shared on a US guitar forum. This new budget pedal range is similar to the JHS 3 Series and all come in a standard pedal enclosure.

UPDATE 28/03/23

Walrus Audio has now confirmed the new effects with an official statement and two more images of the new pedal range.

Cat’s out of the bag! Gotta love the internet; secrets were made to unveil :-). This is a leak I’m happy to comment on. I think what we’ve built is something a guitar player could get their hands on really early, but keep the spot on their board for a long time.

Official Image of Fundamental Pedal Series
Official Image of Fundamental Pedal Series

Growing up playing guitar, there were several pedal lines that were part of my guitar journey. The original Danelectro pedals like Fab tone, Cool-Cat Chorus, Ibanez Soundtank series, Ibanez 10 Series, or even the ubiquitous Boss lineup we all had access to. I spent an inappropriate amount of time in front of an amp playing a DD3 after my paper route every day.

I still have the ODR-1 I bought from Daddy-O’s in Stillwater, Oklahoma on my board today.  I wanted Walrus to be part of the guitar journey earlier but incorporate the audio fidelity and build quality that we’ve spent the last 12 years developing for our core line and Mako series. I wanted us to build something that would make it super easy for newer pedal users to dial in great sounds, but for them to also be something a professional would be happy taking with them on tour.  -Colt Westbrook, President

Fundamental group top down 2
Fundamental pedals confirmed as real

Walrus Audio Fundamental

The Walrus Audio Fundamental effects pedals are labelled Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo, Fuzz, Distortion and Drive.

Each pedal comes in a similar basic housing with sliders for the effect parameters. They all have a very similar black graphic and only the colour changes for each of the effects.

TGP Forum Walrus Audio Fundamental Pedal Range

TGP Forum

The image was shared last night on the TGP forum by user violentlydave, who states:

I am not the person in this Reddit post, I just saw this.

Guy claims to have ordered a board from a “large online retailer”, and instead of just a board.. received a board w/ a ton of unknown Walrus pedals. They seem to be a budget line (to compete w/ JHS’s “Series 3”?)?

Possibly a demo board for making videos to be released around the same time as the pedal line is released ? Possibly upcoming NAMM? Could be total BS? I’

Apparently, the original Reddit post has now been deleted and so currently this one image is the only source for this leak.

NAMM 2023

I would hazard a guess that these are going to be launched sometime very soon, as NAMM 2023 is almost upon us. Therefore, that would be the perfect time to launch a new affordable effect pedal series and get maximum exposure.

Walrus Audio Fable
Walrus Audio Fable

Basic Effects

They have just released the new Fable *pedal, which is described as a Soundscape Generator. This latest model retails for €299/$299.

Whereas, these new Fundamental series are much more standard bread-and-butter effect pedals. Which makes sense for a budget effect series. Therefore, I guess they would retail closer to $100 plus each.

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