J Rockett Archer Select: A Klon with 7 clipping modes

J Rockett's Archer Select overdrive offers 7 clipping diodes and a speaker-emulated DI output

The J Rockett Archer Select has 7 different clipping diodes. Of these, 6 are different NOS germanium diodes and one is the red LED. Essentially, pushing the Klon clone into new territory.

J Rockett Archer Select

This J Rockett Archer Select has basic controls for Output, Treble and Gain. Plus a regular bypass on/off switch.

It features diodes from the Archer *, iKon *, Jeff Mod Archer * and 4 additional diodes including LED the Archer Select can therefore provide endless tonal combinations.

J Rockett Archer Select
7 diodes

7 Diodes

Where it differs physically from a standard Archer pedal is that there is now a rotary Clipping switch that has a total of 6 diodes – 5x germanium and one LED.

The seventh standard diode is always active until the second foot switch bypasses it. That way you can choose one of the six diode variations.

DI Out with Speaker Sim

This pedal also has a DI Out on the side with speaker simulation.  The speaker simulation is based on a British 4X12 cabinet. This speaker simulation is always on.  Plus, it has the regular in and out for the pedal as normal.

There is also a toggle switch in the middle of the controllers that activates the ground/lift for the DI output.

If you like Klon-style overdrives then this one offers a bit more variation to experiment with.

MSRP – EUR 399 

Reverb Red Exclusive

Plus, there is also a limited edition KTR Red version available exclusively on Reverb.

Reverb Red Exclusive Archer Select
Reverb Red Exclusive Archer Select

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