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Gibson Murphy Lab Kirk Hammett Greeny announced at $20k

Gibson Custom Shop Greeny
Gibson Murphy Lab Kirk Hammett Greeny announced at $20k each from the company's Custom Shop, with a Standard model to follow later this year

Gibson Custom Shop Kirk Hammett Greeny a new Murphy Lab aged $20k version of the iconic ’59 Les Paul Standard.

Murphy Lab Kirk Hammett Greeny

The Gibson Custom Shop Kirk Hammett Greeny Murphy Lab models are the latest cash-in on the Peter Green Les Paul.

This latest version of the iconic 1959 Les Paul Standard is priced at $19,999!  Whereas, the previous ultra-limited-run models were $50k each.

Sure, the original guitar was owned by Peter Green and Gary Moore before Metallica’s Kirk Hammett stumped up a load of money to own it. But, these are just modern-day recreations, made to look old.

Gibson Custom Shop Kirk Hammett Greeny
Murphy Lab aged?

 Custom Greeny Buckers

Each one comes with a set of Custom Greeny Buckers. With a flipped Alnico 2 magnet that is reverse mounted in the neck position and a matching Custom Greeny Bucker Alnico 2 in the bridge position.

Hardware includes the modern-day Sperzel tuners, as used by Kirk Hammett.

Gibson Custom Shop Kirk Hammett Greeny rear

Murphy Aged

These Murphy Lab-aged models come with a  lightweight mahogany body and a figured maple top. It also has a custom Greeny profile mahogany neck paired with an Indian Rosewood fretboard.

They ship with a Gibson Custom Shop Brown/Pink Lifton Reissue 5-Latch case, a Certificate of Authenticity, and a Gibson Custom Shop Switch Plate Medallion.

Not sure I’m convinced by the Murphy Lab’s work after reports from some users of it having serious issues.

MSRP – $19,999

Standard Greeny

Standard Greeny
Standard Greeny is coming

Now that Kirk is part of the Gibson family, we can expect more like this. Gibson has already announced a Standard version for later this year, without the aging, but with the same Custom Greeny Buckers pickups.


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One thought on “Gibson Murphy Lab Kirk Hammett Greeny announced at $20k

  1. $20,000 for a “KIRK HAMMETT” or ” GEENY” guitar ?😂 You can KEEP it 😂 I’ll pay $3,000 – $4,000 for a AAA+ 50s or 60s Les Paul or for a 3 pick up Supreme & age it myself : NO WAY I’m paying an extra $16,000 – $17,000 for an artificially aged guitar because some celebrity endorses it 😂 Matter of fact, the ONLY way I would pay more for an artist signature guitar is if it were a LIMITED EDITION (100 etc.) with the artist’s actual “signature” on the guitar (like the Jimmy Page EDS-1275), and even that is only worth SLIGHTLY more to me, certainly not the cost of a nice used automobile or a decent down payment on a house😂 But I guess there are people with more money than they can spend that will pay the $20,000 (I hear some idiot even paid an astronomical amount of money for a Jar of SAND Tom Brady filled,.or something like that which also has no interest for me or MOST commom folk)😂

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