SolidGoldFX BETA-V Bass Preamp: Revised and Expanded

SolidGoldFX BETA-V is their updated and expanded bass preamp pedal, full of classic bass amp tones

SolidGoldFX BETA-V is the latest incarnation of the bass preamp.  Developed to capture the warmth and robust sound of the most popular vintage tube amplifiers. Designed an built in Montreal, Canada this updated version now offers even more flexibility.

SolidGoldFX BETA-V

SolidGoldFX BETA-V what’s new?

The original BETA circuit has been revised/expanded and now offers a wider range of tones. The low-pass filter now has two settings for mid-humped or scooped mids. As well as a centre bypass setting for a more transparent experience.

SolidGoldFX BETA-V

Drive & EQ

In addition, the drive control has been revised for applications with lower gain applications or hotter basses.  Plus, the BETA-V now sports an active 2-band post-gain EQ allowing players to boost or cut highs and lows with a nice flat response.

SolidGoldFX describes it as offering anything from punchy overdriven Lemmy tones to the fattest, deepest soul shaking dub is only a few knob twists away

The unit has top-mounted jacks, soft touch true bypass switching and can be powered by 9-18 V DC.

Overall this newly updated bass preamp has a lot to offer and could be a great alternative to products such as the popular SansAmp range of bass preamps.

MSRP – €219 *

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