Fender Shields Blender limited edition fuzz pedal

Fender Shields Blender limited edition pedal is the company's first-ever signature fuzz pedal. My Bloody Valentine tones or just chaos?

The Fender Shields Blender is Fender’s first-ever signature fuzz pedal and is based on the pedal used by Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine. Limited to only 700 pedals worldwide, each with a signed booklet and a fancy cardboard box.

Shields Blender

The original Fender Blender had four knobs volume, sustain, tone and blend, and a second footswitch was used to engage a Tone Boost circuit, which offered a high-end frequency boost.

Shields Blender fuzz
Shields Blender fuzz

Controlled Chaos

Whereas the Shields Blender adds even more control and knobs to the circuit. With a total of eight knobs and four footswitches!

An Octave footswitch kicks between a blend of fuzz and a clean on one channel and a blend of fuzz and monophonic sub-octave fuzz on the other side. There’s also a reactive sag circuit which will respond to how hard you play. This starves the transistors of power to create “controlled chaos”.

Ooh fancy box
Ooh fancy box

Key Specifications

  • Original vintage Fender circuit combined with an all-new control set.
  • Two channels and three octaves of blendable, analogue fuzz tones.
  • Foot-switchable, reactive voltage sag circuit controlled by picking dynamics.
  • Custom 1970s-inspired roadworthy chassis with top-mounted jacks.
  • Includes collector’s booklet hand-signed by Kevin Shields.
  • Limited edition pedal, only 700 units available worldwide.
  • Powered by a 9-volt battery or centre-negative AC adaptor (not included).
  • True-bypass switching.

Limited Run

This limited-run pedal will no doubt be a scalpers dream and so expect inflated prices in the near future.

I just hope it sounds better than the 2000s reissue of the Fender Blender that I owned, as that thing was terrible at best. During the video Shields mentions that the reissue wasn’t accurate compared to the vintage unit he owned.

MSRP – USD 499 / GBP 449


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