Fender Shields Blender Easter Egg! Hidden USB drive inside

Fender Shields Blender pedals, 100 of them have a USB thumb drive inside containing music by Kevin Shields

If you saw the limited-run Fender Shields Bender the other day, you may have been impressed by the new fuzz pedal. It sold out within 24 hours worldwide, and there were only 700 of them. But now a few lucky owners have found a hidden ‘Easter Egg’ inside some that contain a USB thumb drive with an exclusive piece of music on it by Kevin Shields.

Hidden USB drive inside

Apparently, 100 of the 700 pedals released contain a hidden USB thumb drive inside them. It contains a track by Kevin Shields and comes with instructions to play at 80dB and above on speakers.

The images below came from the TGP forum where one new owner found the drive and sticker inside their new pedal.

Hidden USB Drive
Hidden USB Drive
Shields Blender extra limited 100
Shields Blender extra limited 21 of 100
  • Original vintage Fender circuit combined with an all-new control set.
  • Two channels and three octaves of blendable, analogue fuzz tones.
  • Foot-switchable, reactive voltage sag circuit controlled by picking dynamics.
  • Custom 1970s-inspired roadworthy chassis with top-mounted jacks.
  • Includes collector’s booklet hand-signed by Kevin Shields.
  • Limited edition pedal, only 700 units available worldwide.
  • Powered by a 9-volt battery or centre-negative AC adaptor (not included).
  • True-bypass switching.
Fender Shields Blender
Fender Shields Blender


I’ve already seen a few at over $1000 plus on used music gear sites and so these extra special 100 models with the hidden USB drive could be worth even more!

MSRP – USD 499 / GBP 449 Though now they are ALL SOLD OUT


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