Shergold Telstar: The Best Value Guitar 2023?

Designed in the UK by British luthier Patrick James Eggle the new Shergold Telstar could well be the best value guitar of the year

The new Shergold Telstar is designed in the UK by British luthier Patrick James Eggle and could be one of the best-value guitars of 2023. 


Designed by Patrick James Eggle the Shergold Telstar is a lightweight build that uses a poplar body and has an ergonomic offset design. It has a string-through-body design paired with a Hipshot-style bridge.

The 16″ radius laurel fretboard and bolt-on 25.5” maple neck, makes for modern playability and a comfortable playing experience.

They are available in Pastel Blue and Champagne Gold finishes, which both really suit the overall design.

Pastel Blue
Pastel Blue


The pickups are a pair of Page FilterSonic humbuckers, which have “a distinctive blend of warm and bright tone”.

These are wired using a single volume and tone control, with a three-way pickup selector switch in the top horn of the body.

Shergold Telstar Champagne Gold
Champagne Gold


The third instalment in the modern re-invention of the legendary Shergold brand, the Telstar is designed by guitar luthier Patrick James Eggle.

This gives it a great design and one that is well thought out. I also think that it has an aesthetic which makes it look a lot higher priced and so it will attract a lot of attention.

The twin FilterSonic humbuckers sound really good in the demo videos and offer some great tones, which make it stand out from the crowd sonically as well.

Plus, the price point is so affordable and gives brands like Squier a run for their money. Currently, the new Telstar is only available in the UK.

MSRP – GBP 379

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