Torture Eclipse: Mind Your Fingers!

The Torture Eclipse is a Tribute to Doug Blair's (WASP) Blade Les Paul design with a rotating circular saw blade

Hutchinson Guitar Concepts makes some really great instruments and the latest Torture Eclipse is one you have to see in action. Based around a working circular saw blade and inspired by a classic 80s metal band.

Torture Eclipse

The Torture Eclipse is essentially inspired by Doug Blair’s Blade Les Paul design which was played by the WASP guitarist.

Doug Blair's Blade Les Paul
Doug Blair’s Blade Les Paul


This modern-day recreation uses a heavily modified ESP Eclipse as the basis for the design.

ESP Eclipse
ESP Eclipse

It has a heavy industrial aesthetic and looks like a well-used piece of industrial machinery. Complete with warning signs letting users know that there is Rotating Blade.

Torture Eclipse
Rotating Blade

Mind Your Fingers!

And it features a rotating circular saw blade that’ll cut your fingers off if you aren’t careful.

The blade is activated by its own dedicated on/off switch on the upper bout of the guitar.

Once activated, the user has to watch where they are playing or they could end up getting caught up in the rotating torture blade!

Devil’s in the Detail

As ever with Hutchinson Guitar Concepts the attention to detail is stunning and the guitar features many custom aspects.

Hope's The Rope
Hope’s The Rope

Including the back of the guitar neck which reads ‘And Hope’s The Rope That Keeps You Tied In Knots’ which comes from WASP’s  The Torture Never Stops.

With previous custom one-off guitars built for Metallica’s James Hetfield among their list of clients, Hutchinson Guitar Concepts has a solid reputation for ingenuity, design and high-class finishes.

This latest build is up there with some of the best custom guitar work in the world.

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