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New Klon Centaur Professional Overdrive for sale

Klon Centaur Professional Overdrive
If you want an original brand new Klon pedal with a full three-year warranty, then this is the week to bid on one

This Klon Centaur Professional Overdrive is being sold on eBay by Bill Finnegan and is a brand-new unit. A reissue of the Silver version and it comes with a special serial number.

New Klon Centaur Professional Overdrive

This brand new Klon Centaur Professional Overdrive pedal is being sold on eBay this week by Bill Finnegan, the pedal’s original designer and the man that built all of the original pedals.

He first released the overdrive pedal back in 1994 and the pedal has been out of full production for a number of years now. But every once in a while he builds a single pedal and sells it on eBay.

Silver Klon pedal
Brand New Silver Klon
Hi – I’m Bill Finnegan, the designer of the Klon overdrive circuit, the designer of the Klon Centaur Professional Overdrive and Klon KTR units incorporating that circuit, and also the hand-builder of every single genuine Centaur unit since the beginning of Centaur production in 1994; please note that intentionally-deceptive and completely-fake Centaur units are now frequently offered for sale online, apparently on many different platforms worldwide.

Three Year Warranty

It also comes with a three-year warranty and an exclusive serial number. This makes this Klon pedal possibly the best buy for an original unit in quite some time.

Reissue Silver serial number number RS 025
Reissue Silver serial number RS 025

The following information is shared on the eBay auction listing.

The serial number of this unit is #RS 025 (“RS” stands for “Reissue Silver”), and as noted above, it was fully built and tested by me, just as every genuine Centaur unit has been since the beginning of production in 1994.

I will also note that as with all genuine Centaurs, it incorporates the exact same NOS clipping diodes that Centaurs have always had (and always will have, for as long as I myself continue to own Klon and hand-build the units). Included with the unit will be an original white tuck-top presentation box (with the serial number handwritten by me inside), an original instruction sheet, and an original “THREE IMPORTANT NOTES” sheet. 

Klon eBay listing
eBay listing

Original or Fake?

These original Klon pedals are not made very frequently and so this is an opportunity to buy a real one and avoid all the fakes online.

Bill has recently uploaded images via his Instagram account of some of the fake Klon pedals for sale that people have purchased or seen online for sale. He won’t identify what makes them fakes so that the fraudsters cannot copy exactly how the original Klon pedal is built.

If you fancy an original brand new Klon with a full three-year warranty, then this is the week to purchase one.

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