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Gibson recovers entire lost archive of pre-’70s blueprints

Gibson recovers lost blueprints
Original pre-'70s Gibson Blueprints recovered on eBay! Archive from 1936-1969 filled with schematics, blueprints, etc

Gibson has somehow managed to recover all their entire lost archive of pre-’70s guitar amp and effects pedal blueprints. The lost files were found on eBay of all places!

Gibson lost pre-’70s blueprints

Mat Koehler, Gibson’s VP of Product has shared via Instagram that they have recovered their entire lost archive of pre-’70s guitar amp and effects pedal blueprints.

“In my time at Gibson, I have been fortunate enough to help preserve and organize our historic archives as well as to recover historic documents and artefacts that went missing long ago,”

The discovery is unbelievable and consists of the entire Gibson Brands amplifier and effects archive from 1936-1969...filled with schematics, blueprints, parts lists, work instructions, promo photos, frequency analyses, notes, memos, and more

Gibson Blueprints recovered
Gibson Blueprints recovered


The huge Gibson archive of documents and product blueprints was shifted from Gibson’s original Kalamazoo base to Chicago when Gibson’s parent CMI decided to relocate the service centre, later under the ownership of Norlin (from 1969) they were again repeatedly moved.

“Incredibly, a former employee held onto the records and listed them on eBay,” says Koehler. “Which is how I caught wind of it. Special thanks to @thejdavidson and @arthurforni for making sure these got home safely.”

This could mean a lot of reissues of classic vintage Gibson products in the future, including products under the Epiphone and Maestro brands.

Could we get a new Fuzz-Tone, Reverb Tremolo and the return of the Rover rotating speaker?

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