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UAFX releases four new effect pedals

Universal Audio Orion Tape Echo, 1176 Studio Compressor, Heavenly Plate Reverb and Evermore Studio Reverb released

Using UAFX’s processing the new Orion Tape Echo, 1176 Studio Compressor, Heavenly Plate Reverb and Evermore Studio Reverb pedals attempt to recreate some vintage studio effect.


Universal Audio has announced four new UAFX compact pedals today.

Each has digital recreations of classic studio effects. Though, these modern-day stompboxes add a host of features and functionality to these vintage effects.


Orion Tape Echo

First up is the Orion Tape Echo which gives users the rich, three-dimensional emulated vintage tape echo effects.


Key Features:

  • Authentic emulation of a vintage Maestro Echoplex EP-III tape echo in a compact stompbox
  • Perfectly captured analogue preamp for fat-boosted tones and effects
  • Selectable Mint, Worn, and Old tape types for added colour and texture
  • Wonk control for modulated repeats and vibey tape splice sounds
  • Selectable true/buffered bypass, preamp on/off

MSRP – $219

Heavenly Plate Reverb

Heavenly Plate Reverb gives guitarists the sound of the 1950s German-made studio reverbs which are responsible for decades of classic recorded guitar tones.


Key Features:

  • Authentic emulations of three vintage studio plate reverb sourced from The Plant Studio
  • Selectable Vintage Bright, Vintage Dark, and Modern Full plate settings for endless reverb textures
  • Mod, Pre Delay, and EQ controls for detailed effect sculpting
  • Selectable true/buffered bypass, analogue dry through

MSRP – $219

Evermore Studio Reverb

The Evermore Studio Reverb has grainy ambient trails and mesmerising modulations of the iconic late-’70s vintage digital hardware.


Key Features:

  • Authentic emulation of vintage digital studio hardware
  • Bit-for-bit emulations of iconic Room, Small Hall, or Large Hall programs
  • Vintage-correct Bass, Mid, and Treble decay controls
  • Mod control for lush, grainy “early-digital” textures
  • Selectable true/buffered bypass, short/long pre-delay, analogue dry through

MSRP – $219

1176 Studio Compressor

The original Universal Audio 1176 remains the king of modern studio compression for many. Built on the powerful UAFX engine. The new 1176 Studio Compressor delivers the same punchy, expressive tones of the original.


Key Features:

  • Authentic emulation of the 1176LN Limiting Amplifier
  • Single, Dual, and Sustain modes for decades of classic guitar effects
  • Input, Output, Attack, and Release settings true to original 1176 hardware
  • The Ratio knob includes the infamous “all buttons in” mode for squashed, gritty textures
  • Parallel compression mode, true/buffered bypass

MSRP – $199

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