LEAK: Fender Shields Blender Standard Edition

LEAK- Fender Shields Blender Standard Edition

The Fender Shields Blender is about to be released soon, though a few online dealers have ‘accidentally’ advertised it early. The FOMO for the limited edition was hyped up and now everyone can buy one. 

Fender Shields Blender

The Fender Shields Blender limited edition pedal was announced back in June of this year and sold out worldwide immediately,

Billed by Fender as a limited edition pedal, with only 700 units available worldwide.

Now, it would appear anyone will be able to get one.

Fender Shields Blender
Fender Shields Blender


It was a scalper’s dream and many of them were bought, then flipped straight away on auction sites for huge profit.

The pedal was designed with Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine and the hype around the limited edition run was pretty huge.

Essentially, the FOMO on this was through the roof and Fender’s marketing team managed to fool a lot of people.

Hidden Music

Then a few days later it was revealed that some of these pedals had a USB stick with an unreleased Kevin Shields piece of music on it.

This was ‘hidden’ inside some of these pedals. Just to further the importance of this supposedly ultra-rare pedal.

Hidden USB Drive
Hidden USB Drive
Standard Fender Shields Blender
Standard Fender Shields Blender

Now everyone can buy it

Well, the hype is now over and Fender has a standard version coming any day soon.

Same pedal, same tones, same look.

Standard Fender Shields Blender for a lot less
Standard Fender Shields Blender for a lot less

No Fancy Box…

Just minus the plaque on the back, and I’m guessing there will be no fancy cardboard box or hidden USB stick.

A lot of owners of the original limited edition run will possibly be annoyed, as the standard version is listing for around $299 online with dealers that have ‘accidentally’ let it slip.


  • Original vintage Fender circuit combined with an all-new control set
  • Two channels and three octaves of blendable, analogue fuzz tones
  • Footswitchable, reactive voltage sag circuit controlled by picking dynamics
  • Custom 1970s-inspired roadworthy chassis with top-mounted jacks
  • True-bypass switching
  • Powered by 9-Volt Battery or centre negative AC adaptor, not included

As Public Enemy once told us Don’t Believe The Hype.

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One thought on “LEAK: Fender Shields Blender Standard Edition

  1. I am ecstatic that everyone will get a chance to try this amazing pedal.
    However, as your article suggests, I initially purchased one and bought a second one for a higher price, not to flip. It bothers me that both editions weren’t sold or at least announced at the same time. The FOMO is why they sold out so fast, however, they likely would have sold out anyway with both announced.

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