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$1 DIY Amazon Fuzz Pedal

How to make a $1 Dollar DIY Amazon Fuzz pedal with simple video instructions and parts list

Mark Gutierrez has shared a great video on how to make a $1 Fuzz Pedal using parts found on Amazon and it is well worth a watch.

One Dollar DIY Amazon Fuzz Pedal

The short video explains everything you need to build a $1 Fuzz Pedal and below are Mark’s affiliate links on the components you need from Amazon.

LM386 Mono amp

Panel Mount 4 Pin 1/4″ Mono Jack

Solderless Ribbon Jumper Wires

It is all based on a LM386 mono amp and requires minimal soldering (if any) and could be a great way for musicians to make a simple, yet effective fuzz pedal.

$1 DIY Amazon Fuzz Pedal
$1 DIY Amazon Fuzz Pedal

All you need are the simple components and maybe something to house it like an old Altoids tin.


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