Gibson CEO teases new Victory reissue

Gibson CEO Cesar Gueikian has been teasing the old 1980s Victory and so it could make a comeback

Gibson CEO Cesar Gueikian has been teasing new products via his Instagram account on a regular basis and now he is showing off himself playing live wielding a Victory.


Cesar Gueikian was playing a Victory, the quirky offset double-cut design from Gibson, which is from 1980s. This means that we could see a reissue of the ‘not so classic’ model sometime in the future.

Gibson CEO teases Victory
Gibson CEO teases Victory

Explorer headstock?

Originals would not have had an Explorer-style headstock though, and so either this is a one-off for Cesar.

Or he is testing out a potential future release for Gibson.

Do Epic Shit

It also has a body sticker that reads, “Do Epic Shit.” and the Gibson logo, so I’m guessing it is likely going to get re-released sometime in the near future.

The same model of guitar is also featured minus the decal and in a different colour in the Instagram post below.

This suggests they have made more than one and that could well mean that Gibson is working on a reissue of the ’80s model.

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