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LEAK: Fender Tone Master Pro and FR-12 Cabinet

LEAK- Fender Tone Master Pro and FR-12 Cabinet
New Fender Tone Master Pro and matching FR-12 Cabinet leaked online

The Fender Tone Master Pro and FR-12 Cabinet have both leaked on the internet this last day or so. As Fender heads further into the modeling world with a new floor pedal rig and matching FRFR cab.

UPDATE 03/10/23

It is officially out today and you can hear it in the video below.

Fender Leak

Below are the leaked details and images of the new Fender Tone Master Pro and FR-12 Cabinet.

It looks like Fender is going hard with a new modeler floor pedal system, and taking on brands like Line 6 and their flagship Helix.

This new modeler even has scribble strips and light-up coloured rings around the footswitches, just like a Helix.

Fender dealers in Europe uploaded the products too soon and they listed the main Tone Master Pro for around €1,799.00 and the matching can for €549.00.

Fender Tone Master Pro
Fender Tone Master Pro

Fender Tone Master Pro

Tone Master Pro is the first no-compromise guitar multi-effects workstation that features the extraordinary sound quality the Tone Master series is known for.

Combining a powerfully intuitive interface and the most comprehensive I/O array available, Tone Master Pro is the best-sounding, most powerful, and easiest-to-use guitar processor ever.

Tone Master Pro features over 100 of the world’s most popular amps and effects, including all the classic Tone Master Fender models, the first officially licensed EVH 5150 III Stealth model, and more can’t live without classics that have all been perfectly replicated using our proprietary Tone Master Modeling process.

The Tone Master Pro’s lightweight, rugged, stage-friendly form factor is as beautiful as it is functional. With a color touchscreen, stunning graphics and an intuitive user interface, dialing with the perfect tone has never been easier or more inspired.

Create presets, customize your footswitch assignments, and combine them to create songs and easily organize them into setlists.

Tone Master Pro’s 10 custom footswitch encoders make editing a breeze, giving you instant access to all your presets and parameters and making adjustments just like you would on the real thing.

Fender Tone Master Pro
Fender Tone Master Pro rear panel I/O

Connect to our Tone Master Pro Control app via USB to create, edit and share your own presets or to listen to and download thousands of tones created by Fender’s community of musicians and artists.


The Tone Master FR-12 is a full-range, flat-response powered speaker designed for use with today’s digital guitar amp modelers and profilers.

Tone Master FR-12 delivers clear and accurate sound reproduction and perfectly replicates every detail of the amp and effect models.

They’re the ultimate companion to Tone Master Pro and the ideal solution for players who use modelers at home or on stage.


Fender FR-12
Fender FR-12

The Tone Master FR-12 features an integrated 1,000-watt power amp that delivers the volume and headroom needed for even the most demanding live performance.

The 3-band active EQ and high frequency cut control allow players to fine tune their stage tone without altering the line output signal.

Plus, the design of the FR series was inspired by classic Fender amplifiers for an authentic backline look and feel.


  • 1,000 Watt Class-D Power Amp
  • 12″ Special Design Speaker
  • 1″ Wide Dispersion High Frequency Driver
  • 3-Band Active EQ with High Frequency Cut Control
  • Integrated Tilt Back Legs
  • Lightweight Plywood Enclosure
  • Authentic Fender Amplifier Industrial Design

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