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Epiphone Adam Jones Ernst Fuchs Les Paul Custom

Epiphone Adam Jones Ernst Fuchs Les Paul Custom
Epiphone Adam Jones Ernst Fuchs Les Paul Custom Silverburst with Anti-Laokoon 1965 on the rear of the guitar

The Epiphone Adam Jones Les Paul Custom Ernst Fuchs “Anti-Laokoon 1965″ model is already leaking ahead of its official release this week.

Adam Jones Ernst Fuchs

This model is the next in the Art Collection series of Epiphone Adam Jones Silverburst Les Paul Custom signature models.

The series has featured five distinct artists and this latest release is the last model with artwork on the rear of the guitar.

As with the previous runs, this latest Ernst Fuchs model will be limited to only 800 guitars worldwide.

Adam Jones Ernst Fuchs
Adam Jones Ernst Fuchs

Anto-Laokoon 1965

The Epiphone Les Paul Customs are finished in Antique Silverburst, as an homage to Adam’s original 1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom.

This latest one features the distinctive artwork of Ernst Fuchs with the piece entitled”Anti-Laohoon 1965on the rear of the guitar.

Previously, we have seen Korin Faught, Berserker, and two Julie Heffernan models, plus the Veil of Bees model which we reviewed when it was first released back in 2022.

Dealer Image
Dealer Image


The specifications for this model are exactly the same as previous incarnations in this series.

  • Bound mahogany body with a maple cap
  • Three-piece bound maple neck with Adam Jones Custom profile
  • Ebony fretboard
  • Reverse-mounted Epiphone ProBucker Custom humbucker in the neck position
  • Seymour Duncan Distortion pickup in the bridge position
  • CTS potentiometers and Orange Drop capacitors
The Veil of Bees Seymour Duncan Distortion
Seymour Duncan Distortion

Price Rise

Unfortunately, Epiphone has raised the prices on these newer Adam Jones models, and they now list for more than when they were originally released in 2022.

However, a number of Epiphone dealers appear to have stock of older models at discounted prices.

I would guess that this last model will be popular though, as it has a nice Tool-esque piece of art on the rear. This should be one of the last ones with artwork on the rear, as there is supposed to be one more Mark Rydon model, then potentially a plain-back model after that.

One for Tool fans, lovers of Silverburst finishes, and players who like Norlin-style Les Paul Custom specifications.

MSRP – GBP 1349

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