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Beetronics Nectar Dual Overdrive & Fuzz Pedal

Beetronics Nectar
Beetronics Nectar is an Overdrive and Fuzz in one compact simple to use tone sweetening pedal.

Beetronics Nectar is a new overdrive and fuzz from the Californian pedal maker. It looks simple and yet very effective, making it potentially a sweet drive pedal for guitarists.

Beetronics Nectar

The new Beetronics Nectar pedal is the latest in the Babee Series and combines two drive effects, one an overdrive and the other a fuzz.

This compact boutique pedal looks fantastic and a lot of work has been put into this simple three-knob pedal to make it appealing to guitar players. As ever with Beetronics FX the design on the pedal looks superb.

Beetronics Nectar
Fuzz & Overdrive

Tone Sweetener

Beetronics states that it will go from vintage tweed-style crunch to full-bodied overdrive to modern high-gain fuzz. 

It certainly covers a lot and the analogue circuit should mean it will sound natural and warm.

Beetronics Nectar

Fuzz & Overdrive

The Nectar pedal has three simple-to-use controls consisting of Honey, which sets the amount of gain, then Taste which adjusts the overall EQ, and finally, Volume which sets the output of the effect.

Beetronics Nectar
Beetronics Nectar


The pedal also has two LEDs that indicate what mode the user is in, with both Fuzz and Overdrive available.

Users can flick the Mode toggle switch situated between the Drive and Fuzz controls to set the Nectar to their desired mode of operation.

The Fuzz LED is up on the top left of the pedal, and the Overdrive LED is up on the right. They allow the user to easily see which mode they have the pedal set to.

The LEDs even indicate which mode the effect is in when it is bypassed, so users know what setting they have the pedal in at a glance.

Nectar Manual
Nectar Manual


The pedal is a true bypass design, will run from a standard 9-volt power supply, and has side-mounted in/out jacks.

It is described as a Tone Sweetener by Beetronics and it certainly looks like it has the honey to back up that claim.

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MSRP – $199

More Information



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