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Line 6 HX One – Stereo multi-effects

The new Line 6 HX One stereo multi-effects pedal has been announced ahead of the official launch later today.

The Line 6 HX One offers 250 onboard effects and uses their HX technology to create the tones. This new affordable, compact pedal could be a super versatile addition to guitar rigs. US dealer Sweetwater already announced the new product ahead of its official release time. 

Line 6 HX One

Boasting 250+ stunning effects emulations, the HX One merges Line 6’s world-renowned HX technology with a simple workflow and a similar form factor to a traditional stompbox.

Line 6 HX One
HX One


This stereo multi-effects floor processor offers a fairly straightforward approach similar to a standard guitar pedal, with one effect available at a time to keep things simple and efficient onstage and in the studio.

Line 6 HX One - Stereo multi-effects
Line 6 HX One – Stereo multi-effects

It has an easy-to-navigate OLED screen and tactile controls deliver an inviting and easy-to-navigate feel, from dialing one of the 128 onboard presets to adjusting the HX One’s adjustable impedance and buffer settings.

Three dedicated knobs make it easy to adjust the effect parameters on the unit. It also has adjustable input impedance to perfectly accommodate pickups of all styles and designs.

HX One I/O Section

I/O Section

It also features an extensive I/O section and versatile control options. These include two MIDI In/Out-Thru ports, USB-C for the HX One Librarian app, and footswitch/expression jack capabilities. Plus, a Flux/Tap switch to access tap tempo and automatic parameter shifts.

Line 6 HX One


Considering that the Line 6 HX One can access so many effects, the price point is very reasonable and I can see it being popular with guitarists. The company has a proven track record with their Helix line and this will no doubt help them sell plenty of these new pedals.

MSRP – $299.99

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