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Universal Audio UAFX Lion ’68 Super Lead Amp

Universal Audio UAFX Lion '68 Super Lead Amp
Universal Audio UAFX Lion '68 Super Lead Amp offers three classic British amps, including the Super Lead, Super Bass, and Brown sound

The Universal Audio UAFX Lion ’68 Super Lead Amp is their latest amp-in-a-pedal release. It models the Super Lead, Super Bass, and the coveted Variac’d “brown” sound that erupted in the late 1970s.

Lion ’68 Super Lead Amp

The UAFX Lion ’68 Super Lead Amp essentially models classic British amp tones, based on the well-known and much-loved Marshall range of tube amplifiers. It includes a Super Lead, Super Bass, and a Variac adjusted Brown-sound model. Plus, it has three speaker options to play through as well.

  • Lead: The definitive 1968 Super Lead sound. The original amplifier employed a bright cap in its preamp for an ear-grabbing aggressive bite.
  • Bass: The 1968 Super Bass sound. The original amplifier didn’t include the bright cap, making it a great choice for bassists and guitarists alike.
  • Brown: The Variac’d “brown” sound. This is the hot-rodded hard rock tone that was born in the late ’70s and ruled in the ’80s.
Universal Audio UAFX Lion'68 Super Lead Amp
Universal Audio UAFX Lion ’68 Super Lead Amp


Universal Audio’s Dynamic Room Modeling technology is also used to make the emulated speakers as realistic as possible. The Lion comes loaded with three cab/mic/speaker settings for users to play with.

Plus, 3 bonus cabs are provided when registering the Lion pedal with Universal Audio.

4-Cable Mode

The pedal also has a 4-Cable Mode that is accessible via the UAFX Control app, allowing users to bypass the amp’s preamp when the pedal is engaged for incredibly realistic tube-style tones.

It allows users to connect the pedal up to an effects loop send/return and the front of amp input, then instantly switch between the amp’s stock tone and your UAFX pedal routed straight into the power amp.

Universal Audio UAFX Lion'68 Super Lead Amp
Rear panel


It also features a USB-C port for firmware updates and Bluetooth for access to Universal Audio’s UAFX app. The pedal can also be run in mono or stereo, so it is pretty versatile.

This compact pedal will be useful for any guitarist looking for that Marshall amp tone, and it will be a lot lighter to carry around than three vintage amp heads.

MSRP – $399

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