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BOSS BP-1W Booster/Preamp – Dual Vintage Preamps

BOSS BP-1W Booster:Preamp
The BOSS BP-1W Booster/Preamp offers the CE-1 Chorus Ensemble and RE-201 Space Echo analog preamps in one compact pedal

BOSS presents the BP-1W Booster/Preamp, the latest member of the Waza Craft made-in-Japan family. Now you can access the BOSS CE-1 Chorus Ensemble and RE-201 Space Echo analog preamps.

BOSS BP-1W Booster/Preamp

The BOSS BP-1W empowers musicians to access classic preamp tones within a single, multifaceted stompbox, all while delivering a natural, crystal-clear clean boost.

BOSS Waza Craft BP-1W Booster:Preamp

Vintage Preamps

Known for their iconic effect sounds, the vintage BOSS CE-1 Chorus Ensemble and RE-201 Space Echo have long captured the hearts of guitar enthusiasts.

Beyond their legendary effects, they also stand out for their versatile analog preamp circuits, capable of infusing any guitar tone with character, depth, and warmth.

BOSS Waza Craft BP-1W Booster:Preamp with CE-1, and RE-201 preamps. This could be the secret sauce you need for great tone.

Analog Boost

For decades, discerning guitarists have turned to analog gear to elevate their core sound. Although these classics were discontinued over three decades ago, the CE-1 and RE-201 have remained indispensable for countless players, thanks to their exceptional preamps.

These “secret weapons” impart richness and fullness to your sound, making playing a sheer delight, even when their effect processing is bypassed. With the BP-1W, every guitarist can now unlock the magic of these tone-shaping treasures without having to hunt down rare and costly vintage originals.

BP-1W Booster:Preamp


The BP-1W takes flexibility to the next level with its three operation modes. Alongside the CE and RE modes, a third mode offers a pristine clean boost that elevates your volume without altering your tone.


The Gain knob dials in a spectrum of saturation and drive tones, each unique to its respective mode. Meanwhile, the Level knob allows users to fine-tune the balance between the effect and bypassed sound. Or to drive downstream pedals and amp inputs for additional tonal exploration.

BOSS Waza Craft BP-1W Booster:Preamp Buffers Switch


What’s more, the BP-1W boasts high-quality buffer circuitry with two selectable types. A quick flip of the rear panel switch opens up access to a standard buffer’s pure signal or a vintage buffer with lower input impedance.

The vintage buffer delivers a warmer tone and a smooth dynamic response, reaching its full potential when you connect a guitar with passive pickups directly to the BP-1W’s input.

The standard buffer is always active for signal conditioning when the pedal is bypassed, regardless of the buffer switch setting.

BOSS BP-1W Booster:Preamp

Availability & Pricing

You can grab the brand-new BOSS BP-1W Booster/Preamp in November 2023 at authorized US BOSS retailers for $169.99.

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